Friday, November 26, 2010

Trip Report - November 23, 2010

I had a chance to stop by the park early on Tuesday morning for short trip and boy was it a nice visit. The attendance was nice and light at first – however once it became clear it was going to be a nice day all of Los Angeles starting arriving, at once. (this photo was taken on my way out).

The Omnibus looks a little odd with that Christmas stuff on it.

Yes I’m obsessed with the controls one the Main Street vehicles, just amuse me.

The Ice Cream Parlor is never open when I make my morning visits, who doesn’t like ice cream in the morning?

Nothing against Dryer’s (it’s yummy) by would it really have been that hard to keep Carnation as the ice cream sponsor? Carnation and Disneyland seem to go hand in hand.

Great specialties and by the scoop choices. The price? As they say “if you have to ask, you can’t afford it”.

OK, here are the prices. Given that my large box of Captain Crunch now costs $7+ these ice cream prices seem like a sweet deal. Obviously the Double Scoop cone or cup at $3.99 is the best value, why would ANYONE get a single scoop for only 50¢ less???

Since were focusing on sweets, lets checkout the Candy Palace.

Of course they’re pumping that sweet smell right into the street, let’s bite the hook and go inside.

I’ll take that whole try right there – thank you very much.

Looks easy, I bet its not!

Hey, what’s with this window located high above the door for the Candy Palace? What’s ABC for? American Broadcasting Company (that would be neat) – Alcoholic Beverage Commission (that would be weird) Or ?

The castle just look lame during the day, it’s like putting your Christmas tree outside during the day. I suppose there’s no way around it and it does look outstanding at night.

In the early mornings ridership is somewhat low on the Trolley route back to Town Square.

That’s a pretty serious control box there on the right, I wonder what it does?

Let’s head to the River’s of America via Frontierland as seen thru the Adventure entrance jungle.

The river works so well for me in the early mornings. I spend at least 15 minutes there when it’s quite like this; you’d be surprised how calming it is.

It’s turning out to a beautiful morning.

Oh look, the Mark Twain is about to leave with only 7 people on board!

I just made it, make that 8 people on board! I had the second deck to myself. Well, I’ll confess, I just sat right where I took this picture (Louis Armstrong’s stage) and didn’t move for the entire trip, just sat back and soaked it all in– wow was that cool.

Speaking of cool, I’m still on cloud-nine from my Club 33 visit – did I really do that, it seems surreal!

How about a “Now and then”? The Haunted Mansion was a walk on still, but before I went in I slipped over to take this “now” photo.

From Davelands insane “48 Year Ago Today: Haunted Mansion Construction” post (link) here’s the same area in 1962. Sure the queue area has been reconfigured (did they even know where the queue line would be in 1962?) but checkout how much is the same.

Another “Now and then” this one is almost impossible even though the structure is still there. Rancho del Zocalo (Formerly Casa de Fritos) has so much clutter outside you can’t even see the building!

From Major’s great "Casa de Fritos" post over at Gorilla’s Don’t’ Blog (link) this March 1958 photo shows the same building minus the clutter.

Looking at a "now" close-up of the right side of the front entrance, it’s amazing how much it matches up with the 1958 photo. Although the building is the same, its certainly been resurfaced more than once, yet they kept the same “exposed brick” pattern the whole time – this is why I love Disneyland.

What’s up there?

The luckiest darn cat in Anaheim! And he’s got more guts than me!

Monstro – its time to use your Delta dental plan.

Three fences is doing great.

The Matterhorn had a decent line going already, must be the Alpine weather.

The Tomorrowland cross has a crack and its not getting smaller. Cracks + Water = Cascade Peak, lets not repeat that disaster.

An hour and a half after opening and its starting to get “cozy” and I’m starting to leave.

The holidays are bound to be extra “cozy” at the park. But I’ll be back anyway!

Ouch, it's never a good thing when they are passing these out in the parking lot.

Gate Flyer for your reading pleasure.


  1. Yay, another VDT trip report! Great pictures as always. As for the video, I was disappointed to see that there wasn't someone working next to the candy maker....someone that he could get into a "chocolate fight" with.

    I had an idea for the Skyway chalet that I posted in a comment on Connie Moreno's blog the other day....why couldn't they use that structure as the entrance to a new Fantasyland dark ride? They could build the show building behind it, have the handicap entrance be around the corner in Frontierland and keep the old stairway just as it is. I think the old chalet could work perfectly as the entrance to something like a Beauty and the Beast ride.

  2. As usual, en excellent trip report.

  3. Ha ha, you were leaving by 9:30... definitely the mark of an annual passholder! I love the detail of the Omnibus controls, nobody takes these. Let's get all of the Main Street vehicles (or have you already done them?). Mmmm, ice cream. That control box has a big wad of cables going up into the tree nearby, maybe the box has something to do with all of the tree lights?

    I've never thought to look, but can you go "below decks" when the Columbia is in Fowler's Harbor? Beautiful shot of the "Twain". Wow, I'm amazed that the exposed brick pattern is just the same, great detail!!

    TokyoMagic! has a great idea for the Skyway chalet. I hope they never tear it down. I like the weird Tomorrowland cross, but if it went away I wouldn't miss it the way I miss Cascade Peak.

    Thanks for the trip report!

  4. ABC stands for "Acme Business College"; the name is visible in an adjacent window.