Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Trip Report - August 17, 2010

Are you ready for a look around Disneyland? The park is on summer hours opening at 8am. Maybe some of the kids are back in school because the morning crowds were very light. All these photos’ were taken between 8am and 10am, its looks like a beautiful day, and it was, except the temperature was rising quick and it was a bit humid for Socal.

Early morning makes for some weird shadows; however it’s my favorite time at the park.

Not an official post office box, but your mail is secure in the hands of the mouse.

The blue sky’s of Anaheim.

“Light me up” Yellow!

This photo turned out really strange, if it had a white boarder it could almost pass for a bad 1970’s instamatic snap-shot.

Finally, a case of less is better.

The cast member’s are doing this new thing on Main Street where they waive to everyone as the park opens.

It seemed a little contrived and the CM’s were only about half into it.

Sugar is good.

How long have they been doing the Silhouette’s at Disneyland? My mom has cut-outs of me and my brother from around 1970!

Always working hard, this man deserves a medal or something.

The Coke Corner was closed for some maintenance. Did you ever notice the Coke Corner is rounded and not a corner at all?

More blue sky.

The Anaheim River seems to have recovered from its drought.

What do you know some actual dirt in Adventureland – at least I think its dirt.

Hint – go to the park early – I rode 4 major attractions, ate a cookie, drank a coffee and took all these photos in less than 2 hours!

Even with the shadows I prefer the early morning sun.

The Rivers of America are nice and calm at 8:30am.

New Orleans Square is rather quiet too; in fact, it was still wet from the nightly hose-down.

Photo ops just waiting to be happen.

Peaceful & Quiet.

The Haunted Mansion was a total walk-on as was Pirates. It's so inviting (foreboding?) with no one in line isn’t it?

The attraction was looking and sounding great, and it was ICE cold inside.

The Indian War Canoes have an entirely new dock and its super nice.

It’s great to see this attraction isn’t going anywhere, how about a couple of Keel Boats to go with it?

While leaning over from the Hungry Bear restaurant to get the canoe dock photos I felt a spider web hit my head, I think it belongs to this guy! That's NOT an AA is it?

Splash Mountain looking splendid in the morning sun and sporting a 5 minute line!

Big Thunder Mountain railroad has a zero wait line!

Here’s Case de Fritos old outdoor fireplace smiling at you.

Let’s head to the hub and find the Castle, the riverways are looking good.

The Carnation Plaza has some interestingly colored flowers.

The flowers around the hub were OK, but nothing special in my opinion. Of course it was looking to push 100+ so I’m not sure how many types of flowers can withstand that heat, I sure can’t.

Wouldn’t it be nice if they could retract that huge cable assembly during the day?

This has obviously been in front of the Castle for 15 years, but I just now noticed it. I want to see what’s inside; I bet there are photos of its contents somewhere.

You can see more photos of Alice in Railingsland of at Meet the World.

I’ve read these railings are temporary, let’s hope so. Forget about how ugly those cardboard leaves are, the railing completely ruins the effect and scary feeling that you’re going over the edge.

Three Fences is doing well.

The Subs are cool, even in yellow.

Lots of these folks at the park today. Nice clipboards and fancy trash pick-up thingy’s, you try and figure it out.


After a long and lengthy closure for refurbishment the Tomorrowland Terrance reopens and looks (and smells) exactly the same? Oh wait, the prices went up.

I’m happy to report the Tomorrowland Cross of the Future is still in place. Looks like a rather large bird got in my picture.

Tomorrowland 2055 is still dazzling guests everywhere.

Did they add this to the Tomorrowland Terrance? It appears to be a device that dispenses a fluid containing two hydrogen molecules and one oxygen molecule, wow the future is now.

We know what’s under this tarp, and us Mary Blair fans want it returned and restored.

Speaking of returning, Goodyear still sells a lot of tires, how about bringing them back as a sponsor for something on the PeopleMover Track, the logo benches are ready to go still.

Can’t wait!

I want the old sign!

Those two tiles have been missing for at least a year!!!

I still need to ride the Trolley one day.

What’s that? It's time to go already?

Let’s check out some red vehicles on our way out. The Corn Dog wagon has returned from refurbishment and has a brilliant red paint job.

On another Disneyland blog I commented that the Corn Dog Wagon must have to be pushed on and off stage because it doesn’t have an engine.

I stand corrected, this old wagon DOES have an engine and its fan belt looks fairly new.

From inside it does have a steering wheel, speedometer and pedals. It’s also got a phone, a 220 volt connection, a water connection, and drain and what appears to be a Halon fire suppressant system, not your standard 1920’s Wagon accessories.

The little red Horseless Carriage is looking sharp.

The cast member driving her told me she was the first of the Main Street vehicles to go into service. I asked him when that was and he stated (without hesitation) May 12th, 1956. I wonder if that’s correct, Jason?

Easy controls but that steering column is placed in an awkward position.

This guy is driving the fire engine 90% of the time when I go to the park, he’s perfect for the part.

Just in case you didn’t think Disneyland was licensed to do business in the city of Anaheim.

I’ve been trying to get a decent photo of this on every visit, hasn’t happened yet.

There’s a scary couple.

It’s hard to believe that Walt Disney once drove this train, heck, I’m sure he drove it more than once! I overheard a Cast Member at City Hall tell a family that this is the only park that Walt Disney used to visit; she said it while leaning in as if it was a secret, and the kids ate it up – me too…