Thursday, January 14, 2010

Trip Report - January 12, 2010

Welcome to the first trip report for 2010. As you'll see, a large number of refurbishments are underway, which means the crowds are low. I overheard some security folks talking about breaking 10,000, and that the day before was 9,000, I'm not sure if they were talking about guests or complaints.

This guy here seems to be in charge of the main gate crew. He always does a fine job and is very courteous. He's waved me to the front of one of the gates more than once.

Yes it's ice cold in many parts of the country, but at Disneyland U.S.A. it was warm and sunny on Tuesday.

Low crowds are my happy place.

The Cone Shop on East Center Street is rarely open, although it did have a decent line at Christmas time.

Great little payphone area next to the Cone Shop, too bad its never used.

Nice day at the park, no jacket required, yet.

Uncle same has moved, he was up near the front of the Penny Arcade in December (link) now he's back by the big player piano.

If they can burn the Tiki Torches all day long, how about lighting up the settler's cabin?

Here's that weird little side area as recently seen in a vintage photo over at Daveland (link). Its changed dramatically over the years, yet it's still there and still functionless.

The entrance to Frontierland is closed, it appears the bridge is getting some much needed repair.

Froniterland is normally dead on these slow winter days, but with the stockade gates closed there was no one there.

Paging Mr. Omega Man.

Rancho del Zocalo got itself a new host. I'm not sure when La Victoria took over for Ortega. The food tastes the same, but now they have Hot and Mild salsa bottles on the tables, nice!


The Laughing Stock Co. were doing a comedy show from the balcony of the Golden Horseshoe. They were pretty funny, too bad they had an audience of about 6 people. Best Joke: The bad guys didn't realize the were in Disneyland, when the Sheriff told them, they said “that's why we don't have any money”!

Riverfront” improvements have caused this looooong fence to go up area the Rivers of America.

Just because I am such a dedicated blogger, I took a trip up in Tarzan's Tree house to get some river refurbishment photo's. Why did they add this silly extra part in the middle of the Adventureland walkway? Fortunately Adventureland was slow today.

I'm not a fan of heights or wobbly suspension bridges.

Now we are getting up there! Even when drained there's still some yucky looking water in that river bed.

In this close-up you can see how the track switches to route the ships to Fowlers Harbor. I always wondered how that worked! Also, notice “thrusters” on the back of the Mark Twain, this confirms how its able to “back up” when the paddle wheel isn't moving.

The Columbia looks rather precarious and a little creepy.

You'll be fine, just don't look down too late...

Roofing details.

The Fantasmic Pit looks like, well, I'm not sure, its just weird.

This is NOT part of the “brown” water system.

How many folks think its time for Tarzan to move out of the Swiss Family's Treehouse? It's the 50th anniversary of the Swiss Family Robinson movie, what better time than now to move them back into the Treehouse.

Look what they did to Three Fences!!! It's now Smokerland, I'm agreeing with TokyoMagic, time to remove all smoking areas from the park. Those darn gigs are what killed Walt for goodness sake!

The Tomorrowland Terrace is still open, it was supposed to be closed for refurbishment by now. Maybe the “Cross of '67” is keeping the old place alive for a little while longer?

Honey I shrunk the Audience is mercifully closed, RIP - please do not re-open it - ever.

Some sprucing up for Captial EO's big return next month. I overheard a guest tell his friends how a Michael Jackson show used to be there, they all thought it was cool but had no idea he was coming back. How about a sign guys?

Wandering over to the Starcade, I noticed it was open too. It was also supposed to be closed by now for refurbishment.

It was me and four other people in the Starcade, but I was the only guest. The other four were Disney employees, the two on the speedramp (walking) were pointing to things upstairs, the two guys down below were taking photos and discussing how old some of the fixtures are.

I lingered until they left then contemplated going up the ramp then thought better of it. I am curious as to what they'll do with this large area.

These tiles must be from 1977?

I kind of hate to see them go, maybe they can fix these?

Stairway to a Better Tomorrowland.

This is not the Better Tomorrowland.

Gosh darn it, fix me please... I'm just made outta wood (like Cascade Peak!) don't let me rot then you'll just tear me down.”

I tried to find any trace of the House of the Future. It appears to all be gone unless this is recognizable to anyone?

What? Overcast skies were starting to come in around noon, time to leave before the magic spell is broken.

How about a corn dog before we leave? The Corn Dog wagon is also due for refurbishment any day now. Mr. Corn Dog wasn't exactly thrilled to have his photo taken, but he did manage to say “have a great day”.

What could need to be refurbished on this? I don't think its a real truck, is it?

That's one FAT corn dog, it better be for 6 bucks!

From the follow-up department, the follwing photos are from an un-posted trip on December 3, 2009.

Over at Gorilla's Don't Blog reader/commentator "Chiana_Chat" recently asked if there was still a music shop on Main Street. The New Century Music Company is still on Main Street, having taken over the former Fine Tobacco Shop (Vintage Photo from Major) which closed around 1990.

The Indian still stands, but thankfully no smokes are for sale inside.

Let's see what's inside.

Books, DVD's and CD's, sort of music, I guess.

Ah, but what's this? Is this one of Walt's old machines? It definitely is old, this can't be a reproduction, can it?

It's been out of order on my last three visits, but it was playing me a beautiful song this day - and only for a dime!

Detail nerd alert, check out the vintage hardware. I've come to realize the bulk of what's left from "1955" Disneyland is on Main Street.