Friday, February 8, 2008

Trip Report - February 7, 2008

No Vintage Ticket post today, I got home late from Disneyland last night. Indulge me a little and check out my post today, it’s more of a “Trip Report” and “Now & Then” post. This weekend we’ll get back to some vintage stuff.

Let me say first off, it was a Beautiful day at the park yesterday, topped out at 73 degrees, sunny, no clouds, very light breeze and NO CROWDS!!!!

I can never get enough of Thunder Mountain pictures, seems like it was made for picture taking! I think this one came out pretty good.

This was the line for Space Mountain, yup, there was NO line! A total “walk-on” I rode it three times!

Ah, Steamboat breakfast from the newly remodeled Lillie Belle restaurant. Hey, I’ve had much worse for $7.99 (15% off with an Annual pass!) The pancakes were fresh and yummy, same with the bacon & eggs. The orange juice was $4.19, had that price been posted somewhere I may have opted for water…

Now for a couple “Before and After” shots, First up, from Daveland’s blog post of a few days ago, here is Casa De Fritos January 1966.

Here is the same place taken yesterday. I examined the structure closely. (yes I am such a geek I printed Dave’s 1966 photo and took it with me to the park!) It has got to be the same building. Or they did one heck of a job re-creating it, right down to the brick work under the stucco.

This was interesting (for me at least) here is a photo again from Daveland (thanks Dave!) of America the Beautiful late 1960’s. Notice the black square tiles.

This photo taken yesterday reveals that some of those black tiles still exist! I love this stuff.

This shot just came out freaky... Esmeralda was reading my fortune so I thought I'd snap a picture of her (with no flash) but I got a weird reflection, for some reason I like this "self portrait with fortune teller”

And last up for the trip report, a little video clip (from my digital still camera, pardon the quality) of Pirates of The Caribbean after it broke down and we sat at the Mayor dunking scene for 45 minutes!!! I’ve never been in that ride when it broke for so long. After about 20 minutes they cut the audio, but all the AA’s kept moving, very weird…. This clip is from when we finally started to move but still no audio track. About 5 more minutes and they were going to evacuate us, darn that would have make some nice pictures!!!!

Next post, some Vintage Tickets!!!!!