Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Trip Report - January 31, 2011

While doing some work in the Anaheim area on Monday I was able to stop by the park for a bite to eat and quick walk around the realms. This photo was taken on my way out; the weather was once again perfect, I’m glad Disneyland wasn’t built in New York.

Here’s that cool Disneyland flag James Keeline mentioned on Sunday’s post (link).

Family Fun Weekends” a welcomed new feature at the park (see more info on the flyer at the end of this post). This sign however screams “Six Flags Art Department”.

Main Street was nice and quiet, in fact it was too quiet, where’s the Main Street Vehicles?

This is why there are no vehicles or trolley’s out. There were actually two guys under those walls with little cement trawls, the top part is a mesh screen! In fact, refurbishment walls were everywhere, the most I’ve ever seen at once.

I smell candy!

They really do this stuff, even when no one (well just me) is watching.

The guy outside the window isn’t watching the candy making, he’s behind a refurb wall doing painting.

Let’s head over to Adventureland.

This spot sure looked different a couple months ago.

December 9, 2010.

The Anaheim River is full.

I’m hungry and I smell fresh pancakes – the three pancakes Laura is working on ended up in my belly.

Yeah I’ve said it before, but if you get um fresh these are the best darn pancakes! $9.04 buys this well rounded meal.

The River was abuzz with action.

The Mark Twain is leaving the dock with one passenger!

It really is a cool looking Steam Boat.

No sooner are the Christmas decoration down and these go up. What is this? It looks like something you’d pick up at a garage sale in Beverly Hills.

Until we meet again…

The Holiday layover is gone and the Mansion looks foreboding once again.

Just inside the Mansion gates, I spotted this - I never noticed it before. Is it locked, nope. I opened it and it looks like it controls the wait time/fast pass sign, but wires were loose and exposed so I got scared and closed it and sped off.

Let’s go visit Bear Country.

I guess we won’t be visiting Bear Country. When is the last time they closed an entire land? Even the New Tomorrowland(s) and Fantasyland were phased in with some attractions still open.

Splash Mountain is a high maintenance mountain. It seems to need major work every year.

Trying to sneak around the back way I was met with a “construction wall”, this is as far as I could get.

I love this spot at Disneyland, it’s the land point between Fowlers Harbor and the River. There’s no access passed the eating area for the Harbor Whatever.

The Backside of the Columbia.

Obligatory Castle shot.

These pennants/flag things are a super nice touch.

The built-in benches at the castle entrance need some TLC – I think I see 1972!

I always assumed these draw bridge chains were fake, now I’m not so sure.

Speaking of chains – the Skyway Chalet is screaming my name. This little chain is all that holds me back – no warning sign, no lock, no cast members, just me and that darn chain!

Oh, what’s the red note say? Well of course I didn’t get close enough, but I’m guessing its instructions on how to install a Von Roll Type 101 Aerial Ropeway.

Could we be looking at reinstallation of the Motor Boat Cruise, ok maybe not, but what’s going on?

Three Fences at its best with the 1959 section showing more of its style.

The Matterhorn line was huge, I swear there were more people in line than in the rest of the park – herd mentality is the only explanation.

As we head out let’s check out the new exhibit in the Disney Gallery – It’s all about boats.

Front and center is this fine Kevin Kidney work of art.

The exhibit concept seemed a bit contrived, but there really is a lot of boats in Disney Parks so it actually makes since and it's a nice exhibit.

The exhibit consists mostly concept art, here’s a sampling, there’s plenty more if you visit in person.

I want one of those uniforms - I say this should be the official Disneyland Blogger uniform!

Is Alfred Hitchcock in one of those windows? Boy those are some freaky Twilightzone looking faces.

And lastly from the Gallery, inside the safe no less, is this vivid original oil painting.

Check or cash?

Let’s look at some flowers shall we?

The spot where the huge “Celebrate” Envelope with balloons once sat, it looks much better like this, in fact, this looks very 1955 - I like it.

This looks very 1998! Enough with the vegetables in Tomorrowland. Are these even really vegetables? They look weird and if the mouse keeps raising the price of a burger guests will start eating these things.