Saturday, February 20, 2010

Trip Report - February 18, 2010

Today’s trip report is slightly different than the usual report; the River is still closed for refurbishment so no pretty River photos and the park had an overall weird mood. There was a reason for the weird mood, you’ll see a little bit of that later in this post.

Also something a little different; I took a few videos with my new Droid cell phone (powered by Goggle’s android operating system). The videos in this post are really just tests so please excuse my amateur movements. The extra cool part about the Droid is once you film the video you can post it directly to YouTube with just a couple clicks!

The “It’s the time of your life” opening song is so contrived is sticky and wet, yet I catch myself singing right along with it!

Boy I thought we were done with these? Somehow they don’t seem as bad the second time around, but let’s hope it’s their last run.

The Main Street Cinema has reopened. Looks like they got a new floor and the vintage turnstiles got some much need paint (link).

I am so NOT into the whole Hidden Mickey thing, talk about contrived… But heck, by pure coincidence I found one in the Cinema! Hey, is that gum stuck under the step? GROSS!

Over at the recently reopened Starcade we find a new floor. I really liked the old orange tiles better (link). This new floor is, well, cheap!

The old orange tiles (link) were at least real inlaid tiles, with grout and everything. The new floor is just the stick on squares you can buy at Home Depot!

I’d like to say at least it looks good, but dang, that color is so 1998 Tomorrowland! My guess is that this is temporary (sort of) just for the expected crowds for EO’s return. Ultimately they really need to do something with this space!

Interestingly they DID replace the blue tiles (link) on the cashiers cage with nice new two-tone grey tiles, why didn’t’ they tile the floor in the same material?

Just outside of the Starcade exit (the one that lets out near the Space Mt. exit) there is a new “high-tech” floor covering; it looks like steel plates covered in some kind of vinyl coating, it actually looks and feels pretty cool!

Ceiling repair work in underway on the second story of the Starcade. Maybe this means they are planning something for this unused area? I do love that Mural.

This is one of the reasons the mood was weird at the park. At 9am when the park opened virtually all the “E” ticket rides were closed – these kids were not happy.

The Tomorrowland cross has developed a crack in its plaster; let’s hope that’s not a sign…

Excellent news about Three Fences; its no longer the designated smoking area (link)!

The smoking area has been moved over slightly, basically at the entrance to the old Fantasyland Autopia. It’s a smaller amount of space which is fine by me, one step closer to removing it all together.

Since Fantasia Gardens is no longer the smoker’s zone, it has been reconfigured with more sit down tables, it looks great.

Another little video, boy was it quiet over there. Ok, you might here me humming to It’s a small World; please don’t hold it against me.

The Matterhorn is closed for Refurbishment; I hear they might be getting new seat belts similar to the ones On Indian Jones Adventure. They sign department sure does a great job, these signs really stand out.

The Mighty Matterhorn looks just a majestic with or without riders.

This attraction sure has a neat facade, too bad it rates last in Daveland’s current poll of favorite dark rides.

These little Mini-Mouse balloons were attached to strollers all over the place – were they free? I like the simple nature of them.

The Frontierland entrance bridge has been replaced and looks good.

Upon closer inspection they new bridge is actually made from Fiberglass. I wish it was real, but it is pretty convincing and I can see why they would want something that lasts. In this picture the real wood doesn’t look nearly as cool as the fake wood.

The surrounding waterway has been completely redone, this looks like it should last a while!

It must have been Seeing Eye dog day, I saw lots of dogs. Can I make one of those harnesses and bring my two dogs to Disneyland? That would interesting.

Indiana Jones was still not operating by 10am, torches and pitch forks are about to appear.

When the “E” tickets are closed this is what happens to the Jungle Cruise line. The line wasn’t that long this summer!

The castle looks great minus all the Holiday garb.

What a life!

Thumper says “What’s that smell”?

Oh, that’s the cause of the smell. Paging Trinidad.

Lots of pretty flowers around the hub, low crowds still, what a great day.

This little area of grass in the southwest park of the hub is one of my favorite spots. I’m surprised they never put anything there, it’s a rather large chunk of grass that’s been kept plain – please leave it this way.

I included this poorly framed picture just because I wanted to show what a great smile the driver always has, what a great guy.

Hey, that’s the exact kind of coffee mug I use and its displayed in the Emporium windows, nice!

My Omnibus photo means it time to leave the park.

As I was leaving the Disneyland Band was playing and Alice & hatter where messing around with them. How are they going to reconcile the sweet Blue dress Alice with the new Alice & Mad Hatter from the Tim Burtons Movie? My guess is they will ignore the new characters all together. P.s. The movie looks neat; I can’t wait to see it.


  1. I love your trip reports- they are detailed without being over the top. Thanks for the video and photos. Can't wait til you go to DCA for an update there!

  2. As always, your trip reports are the next best thing to actually being there! Yup, those tiles are pretty awful... looks like the thinking was, "If they look kind of dirty to begin with, we don't have to clean them so much". Is Pinocchio's Daring Journey really so unloved? I have to admit that there is generally almost no line, but I think it is a great ride! Maybe because Pinocchio is my favorite animated feature.

    Great stuff!

  3. An excellent report as usual. The videos were especially fun but all the photos are interesting. Disneyland is so beautiful these days That's what you get after 55 years of supreme gardening. I also don't care for the hidden Mickey thing. The Pinocchio ride is great.

  4. Thanks for another wonderful trip report! I was there on Sunday and thought the same thing about the new Starcade flooring. Very cheap....and it was already filthy. The Major is probably need to clean it if it is already the color of dirt.

    I wonder if we will see the new Alice characters in the park. They did temporarily replace the traditional Cruella De Vil with the Glenn Close-looking version back in the nineties. If the movie is a huge hit, maybe they'll stick Johnny Depp into the Alice In Wonderland attraction. Hey, stick him in the Pinocchio attraction and maybe it will get longer lines and higher Daveland poll ratings!

  5. With all these little details changing, I'm not going to recognize the place on my next visit!

  6. Fantastic report as always. And I have to say I agree with you on the Hidden Mickeys. I just don't get the big appeal since they are virtually everywhere now and people expect to see them.

  7. I love your trip reports! And I particularly enjoyed the peaceful little Fantasia Gardens video. Some people forget to stop and enjoy the hidden beautiful places around Disneyland.