Sunday, June 15, 2008

Trip Report - June 12, 2008

Now for some current stuff. I was lucky enough to spend a couple of hours at the park on Thursday and boy was it beautiful. I did have an annual pass preview ticket to Toy Story Mania, and I was going to go ride it, but…. I was drawn to Disneyland like a moth to a light. I arrived at 11am and I noticed almost zero lines to get into Disneyland, DCA “CYA”! When Disneyland has no lines in JUNE - I go for it! I'll catch Toy Story another time.

First sight I see after visiting the Welcome Plaque and Flag pole is this; a fun bunch on the fire engine! Alice, I told you not to blink when I take your picture!

The “June Gloom” has just cleared and it was polarizing outside, my camera didn’t know what to do with the beautiful flowers. It was so bright I could barely see them with my sunglass off.

This man driving the fire engine was not the same guy that was driving Alice and her buddies around just a few moments earlier.

Some glassy water on the moat, where is my Jetski when I need it!

Hey lets fan some rumors…. These look like “construction walls” to me and it’s right at the exit to the Sleeping Beauty Castle Walk-thru attraction. I have heard rumors that it might be coming back. Isn’t there a statue of something there also? Maybe they are just cleaning up the area, yeah, that’s it….

Ok, if you haven’t figured out by now, I am obsessed with the little ticket booth at the Casey Jr. Circus Train attraction. First, it’s a TICKET BOOTH, second it’s a 1955 original (although it has been moved about 20 feet) and last, it’s so CUTE! Due to its shady location and the queue line around it, it’s hard to get good photos of it, but I will keep trying. Someday I will get the nerve to ask to take a photo of the inside.

The same someday that I get my nerve up I am also walking right up this pathway to the Skyway Chalet. I am going to do it; it’s just a matter of when. There are NO signs that say “keep out”, I’m tall and can simply walk right over that silly little chain without even touching it. I have no idea what I will do once I get up there besides snap pictures like crazy!

One of my favorite hidden areas of the park.

The mighty and majestic Matterhorn. I rode the “Tomorrowland” side, what fun!

Upon entering the parking lot, I was given this. It’s was going to be a Grad Nite and the park would be closing early.

This is a perfect way to kick off “Grad Nite Week” here on the blog. Yes ladies and gentlemen, starting tomorrow its Grad Nite all week. We’ll cover several different years of tickets and programs, and a few other fun things too.


  1. Tim - I'm ready to check out the Chalet if you are!

  2. Fantastic post. Absolutely beautiful pictures, makes me feel like i am there. I love the fire engine. I cannot see the Walt Disneyworld Vacationland Spring 1975 – 82mb. The link gives me an error message. Check it out when you get a chance. Thanks.

  3. Dave, I with ya! Maybe we can make it a two man operation!

    Thanks Richard, oh I fixed the 1975 WDW Vacationalnd, amazing what one little typo can do!

  4. Hmmmm - I wonder if they will pull off that Sleeping Beauty thing? Probably not...

  5. Funny about ditching DCA - I had an annual pass for years, since 2000 at least. I have made many resolutions to go to DCA as soon as I was "done" seeing Disneyland - usually to check out new rides like Monsters. The sad fact is I haven't been to DCA since Bug's Life opened... meaning that even when it's free and right across the street, I still won't go to see DCA.

    -Katella Gate (who can't get Google to recognize my account *AGAIN*)

  6. Tim & Dave...

    I can see the headlines now.

    Two GROWN men arrested at Disneyland for trying to hide a 1955 Ticket Booth under their coats!

  7. Beautiful photos, and a great trip report!

    I think that the recreation of the Sleeping Beauty Castle walk--thru is too much to hope for - right now anyway! Let's cross our fingers for the future though.

  8. OH what a find!
    You know I adore Disneyland, but of all the things in all the park what captures my attenion first...the flowers and those handing baskets.

    I hope you don't mind that I am leaving a don't know me, however since I am enjoying your posts I wanted to thank you for them.

  9. From the LA Times:

    Rumor or fact?