Monday, February 13, 2012

Trip Report - February 9, 2012

Time for a 2012 Disneyland Trip Report.  This is my first visit since December, thankfully those massive holiday crowds are nowhere to be found.  

Dreadful lines at the security tents.

Seriously, the sky was that clear.

They setup a podium or something on the steps of City Hall staffed by City Hall Cast Members, I'm guessing its to ease the crowds that can form at City Hall on crowded days, they were handing out buttons.

The details on City Hall are impressive.

The weather was made to order, I think it was a high of 82.

The park opened at "10:00am" but as usual the "basic" guests were let in around 9:30am.  "Magic Mornings" guests (translation = big spender hotel guests) are let in at 9:00am and get the park to themselves for an hours, sort of. Normally the basic guests are kept behind a rope at the end of Main Street until 10:00am. Even on slow days Main Street can backup because everyone just waits in the middle of the street.  Today was different, no rope at the end of Main Street?

Now there's Four Ropes!!!  Each land is sealed off from the basic guests! I think I like it better the old way, this was just wierd....



Tomorrowland, what a mess!

The Center Hub and the castle side of the hub are also closed to basic guests, this arrangement had a lot of guests confused and well, angry.  I think it was better when you were waiting further back and couldn't really see the "Special Guests" enjoying the park while you waited for 10:00am to arrive.

Time for something new!  The old Plaza Pavilion is now the Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe.

This menu looks pretty similar to the bakery on Center Street, which by the way is closed for refurbishment (more on that later).

It's not bad inside, but sure feels "Corporate".

The ceiling and other details are pretty nice.

See what I mean by "Corporate Look".

The cream and sugar stand is very cool.  So this place is nice, but seems to be lacking something, let me know if you've seen it and noticed the same thing.

Let's head off to Frontierland since it looks a bit uncrowded.

Oh wait, looking to our right I see the Carnation Plaza Gardens which I thought would be under construction/demolition by now, looks like its not!

Why would anyone EVER want to change this?

Still in use with a nice full schedule for the day.

The view from the bridge is stunning.

Lets take another (last?) video look the historic Carnation Plaza Gardens.

Frontierland was its usual crowded self.

I'm not anti-social but boy do I enjoy the park when its like this.

Nice and Quiet, see for yourself:

Time for food!  I timed it just right (by letting people go in front of me in line) to get fresh off the griddle pancakes. That plate was completely empty just a few moments after this photo was taken.

New Orleans Square is odd when no one is around, its one "land" that needs people and talking.

Walt sat in that train cab, how cool it that? 

I don't recall this button at the ToonTown Station, I was going to press it but the green light went off seconds later.

The next three photos beg the question "why".  

This was the most crowded attraction in the entire park, huh?

Its 10:45 and no one is waiting, how sad.

Who (if anyone) selected the color for the wheels and roof trim? I can't believe I'm saying this, but this looks like it should be at Magic Mountain!

Neat sign, fairly new I'm guessing? But hey, those kids don't look anything like the dolls in the attraction?

This color scheme works for me.

Its really nice when you travel way up along the right side of Its a Small World.

I never noticed these fun shaped trees before! 

Maybe I should ride it?, Nah...

Fantasia Gardens was nice and peaceful as usual.

Its so quiet over here, I was the only one around, oh except the Monorail!

Just in case...

Pop these panels off and you're ready to re-install the control consoles for the Motor Boat Cruise.

Three Fences is doing excellent, good to see you old friend.

The view just above Three Fences is sure peaceful.

Let's check out the Matterhorn.

That's one heck of a "Seasonal Improvement". I don't recall ever seeing the entire Matterhorn covered like this.

Here's a short video show just how involved this improvement project is.  I'm guessing they are replacing the track and the bobsleds.

The Monorail glides by with Lilian Disney's Ghost riding in the front.

The Tomorrowland Cross still has its crack but at least it not growing.

There are still tons of Palm Trees in Tomorrowland, they are not in the exact locations as the '67 Tomorrowland Palms, but still a nice touch.

Still looking good.

Man that just looks weird? It that from the '98 Tomorrowland or from '67?

Let's not ride the train from here.

The poor Starcade is now mostly merchandise, ugh.  The video games have been relegated to the back wall.

The cashier cage's days have got to be numbered. I received many quarters thru that widow decades ago.

Back out at the Hub we've got the obligatory Castle shot, what a day!

This guy is the best Fire Engine driver, he is really good with the kids as you can see.

Tell us again why the Settlers Cabin on Tom Sawyers Island isn't on fire anymore?

Alas poor Yorick, I knew him...

Anaheim river head waters...

Now that a HUGE tree is missing, this area doesn't look so charming.

Want to ride the Jungle Cruise? Not today.

Since we are looking at some signs, how about a few more?

Coke Corner special light bulb.

Since half of Main Street is closed lets head back to Town Square.  Magnificent horse. 

Lets see the trolley in action.

There's a new exhibit at the Disney Gallery (the former Main Street Bank) - Trains of Disney.

Merchandise of course.

Here's what its all about.

Below are a few of the pictures and items on Display, its a dark-ish room and my camera isn't up to the task so I recommend you see this exhibit yourself it these photos interest you, its really well done.

A couple magazine articles of Walt that I don't have.

Here's a magazine article of Walt that I do have (link).

Who wouldn't want one of those hats!

Back in the Opera House lobby the ticket collection has been updated with more "common" tickets that people will recognize. The previous tickets were awesome, but more geared for the collectors.

Hey that vintage 1955 "C" Ride ticket (center) is a reproduction! I'd lend them one of mine but I don't have one of those either!

What are these?

Lets see:

Great model, can I take it home?

Ok that's it, what a super visit, I'll be back on one of those 1.1 days this week, come join me!

Now for some "flowers around the park"...